HH Prairie in Full Bloom

The prairie at the Hill is in full bloom. The prairie is a newer project for the hill and we have been working with a variety of people & groups to get the prairie going. We invite all members and guests to come out and enjoy it. Please make sure to visit the OFF SEASON page, sign the appropriate waivers and let us know via email you are stopping by.


We have been busy working on a variety of other projects including updates to the grounds & equipment, a new membership system and staffing. Stay tuned for some fun and exciting new opportunities at the Club!

We hope everyone is enjoying their summer!

Rob Norris

Club Manager

Hill Updates

Spring has officially arrived and we worked hard to keep things open in March but with rain in the forecast followed by warm days, there is little we can do but dream. The Hill will be closed coming into this weekend. 

I appreciate everyone's patience, understanding and encouragement during this tricky season but as you all know, we can't control the weather. Either way, we had a good season despite its challenges. It looks like this stretch of weather is going to be tough to overcome. I hope everyone has enjoyed their time at HH this winter, I sure have.

Please stay tuned to the website for any updates regarding Club activities as we head into the off-season.

The Annual Meeting will take place on Sunday, May 7th from 2-4pm in the chalet. Look for the proxy mailing in the next 2 weeks.

Rob Norris

Club Manager

The Hill will be OPEN on Wednesday, March 15th

After a few inches of fresh snow, cold weather and the hard work of our snow making crew tonight- the North Run of the Hill will be open this Wednesday, March 15th from 6-9pm.

Please check back for updates on our weekend operations on Thursday morning.

We appreciate everyone's patience and understanding. It has been a crazy winter but we have worked hard with our current situation to make the best of every opportunity.

Rob Norris

Club Manager

Spring Carnival and Snow Update

We invite all members to join us THIS Saturday, March 4th from 11am- 2pm for our annual Spring Carnival. The Hill will be providing brats, hot dogs, chips and hot chocolate on the deck. There will be an egg toss, tug of war & more. Hopefully some skiing too. 

We are watching the weather closely and will be making snow as much as possible for the remainder of the week in hopes that we will have a lane open for this weekend.  

Please check the website and snow hotline for the latest updates and hours of operation. 

Hope to see you Saturday!

Rob Norris

Club Manager

Please check the website and snow hotline for the latest updates and hours of operation. 

Hope to see you Saturday!

Snow Making Update 2.26

Last night, we made snow for about 16 hrs from yesterday afternoon until this morning when temps started to rise. We pumped over 400,000 gallons of water, with temps hovering around 18--20 degrees all night. It wasn't great conditions, but they weren't terrible either.

I hope everyone understands that we are essentially starting from scratch in trying to get a run coated and while an inch of snow is nice to have, it doesn't have much of an impact when you consider the condition of our hill as of Friday. Making snow is the first step, getting it pushed out and groomed is another time consuming step. 

Please continue to check the website for updates this week. Let's hope for a cold and snowy start to March.

Rob Norris

HH Club Manager



Busy Weekends at HH

We had a busy weekend with HH Race Day this past weekend. On Saturday, we hosted a WJR race which was a great success due to the hard work of many coaches, parents, volunteers and staff. THANK YOU. 

The snow conditions were decent considering the previous weather and we are looking forward to a cold week. Brad made snow last night (Sunday) and the weather is looking good for more snow making this week, so we hope to have the hill freshened up and the back runs open soon!

We have another busy week ahead:

  • Monday Night- high school race practice 6-8pm
  • Tuesday- Hill open from 6-9pm, HHRT practice (6-8pm)
  • Wednesday- Hill open from 12-3pm (volunteer operations) & 6-9pm, HHRT practice (6-8pm)
  • Thursday- High school race, HHRT practice (6:30-8pm)
  • Friday- Hill open from 7-10pm)
  • Saturday- Hill open from 10am-4pm & from 7-10pm
  • Sunday- Hill open from 10am-4pm.

Saturday and Sunday we have our Langlauf Winter Carnival- make sure to stop out!

The January Thaw and Important Updates

The weather is not working in our favor this week. With high temperatures and rain in the forecast, we are going day by day. Our weekend hours as of Friday, Janauary 20th are as follows:

  • Friday- CLOSED
  • Saturday- OPEN 10am-4pm, evening is to be determined.
  • Sunday- to be determined.

While we hope to remain open as much as possible, please make sure you are checking the website and the hotline prior to coming up to the Hill especially for Saturday evening and Sunday.

A few Other important reminders:

  • Dogs should remain on a leash and out of all buildings while the Hill is operational.
  • Mark your calendars for two upcoming events, our Langlauf Winter Carnival on Feb 4th & 5th and the Annual Ski Patrol Fundraiser on Saturday, February 18th.
  • HH Race Day is coming up on Saturday, January 28th. The Hill will be very busy, but all HH members are welcome to ski at Ausblick during the day.
    • The Race Team Committee is looking for volunteers too, it is a great day to be at the Hill.

On a positive note, last weekend at the Hill was beautiful. Snow and weather conditions were great. Sunday we had a nice crowd, lots of sunshine and smiles. I was able to take a few bunny hill runs with my daughter. Her first time on skis and she's a natural.

Think cold!

Rob Norris, Club Manager