A reflection on my first weekend as the Club Manager

It was an eventful weekend for me, one that I have been looking forward to for some time. We had a great opening day on Saturday. We spent the better part of 2 weeks making snow, pushing snow and grooming the North Side and Bunny Hill. Conditions were good. The natural snow helped and we were able to open the South Side too. Hundreds of members, new and old, showed up for a great kick off to our season. 

Then Sunday.

The cold weather set in which is always hard on our mechanics, especially with our lift. Installed in the 1970's, our lift has been through a lot. We have invested a significant amount of time and money into the lift over the past several years in order to keep it going strong, as it is probably the most critical piece of equipment we have. This year, we rewired safety switches and installed a new communications line. We have more resources allocated to continue maintenance on the lift in the upcoming years. But sometimes you can't control it all. On Sunday morning while going through safety checks and start up procedures for the lift we noticed an issue with one of the lifts three brakes.  We had to close the hill for Sunday and we immediately went to work on removing the part to evaluate what we needed to do.

We were hopeful that we could have a quick fix and be operational again by Tuesday night, but that would have been a  temporary fix with no guarantees that it would last through the season. That being said, when we do get things back we will have a part that should be as good as new. Brad and I are also researching this part and its components and finding out what we can do to maintain it so that we can ensure its longevity. 

We were able to make snow two nights this week with hopes of more nights in the future. We are hopeful that the part should be back in our hands later this week so we can get it installed and have the lift ready for Friday evening. Please make sure to check the website and snow report hotline for updates and to confirm our Friday Evening and Weekend Hours. 

Among the benefits of a significant early snow fall is the ability to immediately provide groomed cross country ski trails.  Hopefully widely known, though not frequently used, HH has a terrific network of cross country ski trails.  The trails are not limited to the 80 acres owned by HH alone but also meander throughout a 50 acre beautifully wooded conservancy parcel owned by our neighbor to the north.  The trails are groomed and appropriate for skate or classic Nordic skiers.  The trails are in great shape.  Come out and enjoy them.  Also, don't forget that the club also has snow shoes for your use.   

While I understand everyone's eagerness to get out on the Hill, I appreciate your patience. This is not an easy situation for Hill Management, but we are confident that we will be able to fix this so we can have a great season at HH. 


Rob Norris