It's starting to feel like skiing time is right around the corner!

We have been busy getting ready all fall and it is finally starting to feel like the ski season is upon us. Each year we work on a strategic list of improvements for long term success. The lift got a major overhaul before Thanksgiving. We had installed:  new lifting frames on each of the towers and a new communications line running from the loading ramp to the top house . All this work is part of our long term plan to maintain our lift and the skiing experience at HH.

The nights are getting colder and we are anxiously checking the forecast to determine when we can fire up our snowmaking. It looks like we will be able to start making snow tonight, with good weather holding for the foreseeable future. Optimal temperatures range from 10-20 degrees, so the forecast looks promising.  Stay tuned for more information on our progress and potential opening day. 

Until then, think cold and we hope to see you on the slopes soon!

Rob Norris