Race Day- Frequently Asked Questions

Race Day- Frequently Asked Questions

Come with a winning attitude.  Bring your smile, enthusiasm, willingness to learn and have fun.

1.The night before the race, check all ski equipment and clothing. Have your assigned race bib.  This is your race bib uniform for the whole season and you cannot enter the race without wearing your bib.  It is a good idea to put your name and team on the inside just in case it is lost. 

2. Bring extra equipment and gear.  This even means hand and toe warmers, snacks, water and extras of mittens and sock. Make sure skis, boots, poles, HARD HELMETS and mouth guards are labeled and in the car the night before! Tune the skis! It really matters to have waxed and tuned skis and check the din settings for the boots are secure in the bindings.  Waxed and tuned skis help your athlete learn to handle speed, ice, and variable snow conditions.  If you do not wax and tune skis it will hurt their progression.  Les Moise is a good source for learning all about ski tuning and your coaches can help as well.  Just ask.

3. Once you arrive at the race place, purchase your lift tickets for yourself and your racers.  If you are assigned to help at a race, you will need to be on skis.  We encourage at least one adult member of the family to come prepared to ski to help their child out if needed.

4. Look for the HH Coaches (RED jackets)

5. Course inspection (which is done with coaches) begins one half hour before the race.  We begin lining the racers up for the race at the top of the hill.  If you and your racers get separated from the group, go to the top of the hill and look for the HH coaches.  Each of your racers will have a HH sticker placed on the front of their helmets, so that at the races we can easily identify who is on our team.  Parents are not allowed on the racecourse for inspection.

6. Race start times to be determined, but usually by 9:30 or 10:00 the race has started.

7. Each racer will have the opportunity to start and ski his/her run.  After the first ski run, the course is taken down and a new course and run is started.  The combined times of both races gives the racer their individual times.  All class U8-U12 Wisconsin Junior Racers or HH team members will receive a ribbon/place.  The place of the racer determines their start order for the next race.  The more you come to races the better chances for an earlier start place time.

8.  Parent Help on Race day – we will have POD Parent of the Day sign up sheetsfor gatekeeping jobs, assisting with child line up at the top of the hill, bringing coats down to the bottom, video taping your child.  When it is HH Race Day everyone will be given job assignments and it is a fun day to meet new friends and have fun.

9.  Race Day Attire – We have mentioned the basics , warm clothing, race bib ,gloves, hand warmers, feet warmers, neck warmers and even a race suit.  Race Suits are not required but does “give an edge” for many reasons.   You can shop around for deals but also talk with other team parents for gently used clothing.  

Race Day Checklist

  • Pack Car the night before
  • Race Bib with name and phone # written on it
  • Tuned Skis
  • Hard Eared Helmet
  • Poles
  • Goggles
  • Boots
  • Money for Lift Tickets
  • Gloves
  • Water/Gatorade
  • Snacks
  • Skis for parents in case your athlete needs help.

Race Day Run Order

The run order for races will go from youngest to oldest, girls first followed by the boys. For example: the U8 athletes girls start first followed by U8 boys, U10 girls, U10 boys, U12 girls and U 12 boys. 

Each racer will have one run and then the second run will be a new race course.   The combined times of the two runs will determine the racers points.   Please refer to WJR scoring and more important WJR RACE RULES!