Thanksgiving Camp WinterPark, CO. / First day on snow is Sun/ 11/19-Last day on snow 11/24/17
to Nov 24

Thanksgiving Camp WinterPark, CO. / First day on snow is Sun/ 11/19-Last day on snow 11/24/17

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Holy Hill Race Team Thanksgiving Camp @ Winter Park, CO

November 19th-22nd, 2017


November 19th-24th, 2017

Thanksgiving camp training focus: 

This camp is concentrated on those athletes who want quality training and get a jump on the upcoming season! Training programing will focus on skiing fundamentals, including balance, working from a narrow stance, using both feet, knees rolled into the hill, promoting forward movement, maintaining level shoulder's, with clear upper and lower body seperation while moving the body forward down the slope with both ankles flexing, variated turn shape, making proper efficient transitions between turns, tactical / line skills, forward movement with pole plant, inside clearing blocking low in SL which moves your hips up over the top of your boots with full body flexion, ankle/knee flexion, all done by coach directed free-skiing while utilizing proper drill progressions. These skillfully planned training sessions are done both while free skiing and in a private training lane with thoughtful proven coach cataloged course sets. Our camp focus will be primarily on GS/SL gate training with during this camp. We will provide technical and tactical gate progressions daily that are geared to help each individual's needs in preparation of the upcoming race season. Additionally our staff will provide sessions on racer management, mental preparation for both training/racing, building your self- confidence, nutrition and ski maintenance and race preparation. 

 Open To:

U8 athletes and older.  Athletes MUST be able to parallel ski within control, load lifts and be able to ski in groups without assistance from parents.

 Special Note for 2017:

We will be capping the number of participants for this year’s Thanksgiving Camp to 60 athletes.  This will be based on a first come first served, so please get your registration in early!


Mark “Speedy” Archer – HHRT Program Director

Bob Larsen – Head USSA/FIS Coach

Mark Monkoski – HHRT USSA/WJR Coach

Gordon Brown – Former Canadian National Team Coach

Jane Segerdahl – Head U12 and under Coach

Brad Marcouiller Director of Skiing at HH

Wilf Tansley  - U19 FIS Athlete / Top PNSA athlete / Role model   Wilf is one of Speedy's athletes he has coached and mentored for many years, knows Speedy's teachings of tech n tactics skill sets and will  help deliver those while coaching our HH athletes during this camp. 

Others Coaches T.B.A.


 Early Bird Fees **Application and Payment MUST be received by September 29th, 2017**

$575/athlete – 4 day option (Nov. 19th-Nov. 22nd)

$630/athlete – 6 day option (Nov. 19th-Nov. 24th)

 Regular Fees **Application and Payment AFTER September 29th, 2017**

$625/athlete – 4 day option (Nov. 19th-Nov.22nd)

$680/athlete – 6 day option (Nov. 19th-Nov. 24th)

 Lift Tickets:

Lift tickets are the responsibility of the athletes!  Lift Tickets must be purchased through the Competition Center which is located in the Balcony House. 

Lift ticket: $50/day ages 13 & older; $37/day ages 12 & younger


Parents are encouraged to purchase tickets through the Competition Center.  You must let them know that you are with the Holy Hill Race Team in order to take advantage of the prices.


Lodging is not included.  We do have special pricing available with Winter Park Resort Lodging which comprises of Zephar Mtn Lodge(coaches will be lodging here), Fraser Crossing/Founders Pointe and Vintage Hotel. 

To make your reservations you can call (866) 239-3989 and reference the Group Code 3H1881.  The name of our group will be Holy Hill Ski Team.  You can also take care of your reservations online:


You are also welcome to find other lodging opportunities in the area.


There are a number of options within the Winter Park Resort area.


Transportation will not be provided. 


(Please note: the on snow Daily schedule is to be determined!)

 Saturday, Nov. 18th - 7pm Welcome meeting and camp information (Upper Balcony House, Main Lodge)


*There will be an organized group activity one of the evenings!  Info to follow at a later date!!*

 What to Bring:

·         Skis, ski poles, boots, helmet, ski clothes (be prepared for everything from wet weather to cold)

·         Running shoes, workout clothes

·         Tuning and waxing supplies

·         Daypack, water bottle and sunscreen + 30 value

·         Homework / Positive attitude / open mind ready to learn

·         Money for lift tickets and miscellaneous expenses

                    Mirror lens goggles / sunglass's


Speedy H.H.R.T Alpine Program Director voice/text 971-207-9502

Brad Marcouiller, H.H.R.T. Director of Skiing, 608-445-8442,

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10:30 AM10:30

All HHRT Coaches Meeting at HH 6:30 pm in the patrol room

HHRT Mandatory coaches meeting at 6:30pm in the patrol room. Meet new program director Speedy, and his Head coaches,  junior program Had Coach Jane Segerdahl and senior program head coach Bob Larsen. Get all your employment docs signed and get the scoop on what speedy has in store for the HHRT program for this coming 2017/18 season and beyond ! 

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Early Season Camp Loveland CO. / Nov. 1-5th / Sign up closed
to Nov 5

Early Season Camp Loveland CO. / Nov. 1-5th / Sign up closed

Holy Hill Race Team Early Season Camp @ Loveland, CO

Nov. 1st-5th, 2017

Fact Sheet



This camp is concentrated on those athletes who want to free ski on snow early to get a step up on the competition.  We will focus on ski racing fundamentals, including stance, balance, turn shape, parallel position, tactics, transitions between turns, forward movement with pole plant, ankle/knee flexion, upper/lower body separation while maintaining level shoulders, mental skills, we will checkout your equipment set up on your boots and both your SL/GS skis & more !!

Please note, there will be no “gate training” at this camp, this campus designed to get your skill base line set for the upcoming Thanksgiving camp and have you ready to run gates !!  

 Open to:

All HHRT athletes.  Please note that athletes aged 12 and under must be accompanied by a parent/guardian.  Additional fees may apply if parent/guardian decides to travel with the team.  Parent/guardian will be responsible for their own lodging arrangements.  If you have further questions in regard to athletes aged 12 and under, please feel free to contact Brad Marcouiller at


Mark “Speedy” Archer – HHRT Program Director

Bob Larsen – HHRT Head USSA coach


$550.00 – Includes all ground transportation and lodging

**Does not include meals, overweight charges, lift tickets or cost of airfare**


We are currently planning on staying at the LaQuinta Inn and Suites located in Silverthorne, COCoaches will organize lunch and dinners for athletes along with supervision. 

 Air Transportation:

Athletes are responsible for getting to DIA (Denver International Airport) prior to 9pm on November 1st.  Staff will pick up athletes and transport them to Summit County, CO.  Local transportation will be provided to and from Loveland during the camp as well.  For November 5th, the departure date, please arrange flights to depart after 4pm.  Staff will bring the athletes down to DIA in late afternoon after skiing. 


Nov. 1st– arrive DIA prior to 9pm, travel with group to Summit County, CO.

Nov. 2nd – morning free skiing, afternoon free skiing drills, evening study hall

Nov. 3rd – morning free skiing drills, afternoon free skiing drills, evening study hall

Nov. 4th – morning free skiing drills, afternoon free skiing drills, group activity

Nov. 5th – morning free skiing drills, afternoon free skiing, late afternoon departure to DIA

Lift Tickets:

Athletes will be on their own for purchase of lift tickets.  Please check Loveland’s webpage for possible deals. FYI Additionally we may ski at A-Basin, and Copper too, so hold off on lift ticket purchase until we get to CO. on 11/1/17.  

 What to Bring:

·         SL/GS Skis, ski poles, boots, helmet, ski clothes, dry land clothing, athletic outtdoor shoes (be prepared for everything from wet to cold weather).

·         Tuning and waxing supplies

·         Daypack, water bottle and sunscreen # 30. +

·         Homework / positive attitude / open mind ready to learn

·         Money for travel, food, lift tickets and misc. expenses

* Mirror lens for your goggles / sunglass's / 



SPEEDY H.H.R.T.  PROGRAM DIRECTOR,                                    TEXT/VOICE 971-207-9502 / SPEEDY@HHSKICLUB.COM

Brad Marcouiller, H.H.R.T. Director of Ski Racing, 608-445-8442,

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Buck Hill Free Skiing da plastic snow 10/21-22/17
to Oct 22

Buck Hill Free Skiing da plastic snow 10/21-22/17

Announcing HHRT Buck Hill skiing trip on 10/21-10/22.

All U8-U21 HHRT athletes invited to join Speedy on the HHRT Buck Hill Ski the plastic fantastic hill, departing on Saturday 10/21/17 from HH at 10am with a focus on leaving HH at 10:30 am, we will be driving up to the Hampton Inn in Burnsville, have dinner together that night. Then have a mid morning dry land stretching session, an early lunch, before going to BH at 11:30 to begin skiing from 12-3:30ish and then begin driving home after skiing. There will be no gates, just free skiing getting our skiing muscles ready for our first on snow CO. camp coming up at Loveland from 11/1-11/5. Speedy would like everyone to sign up before 10/15/17. If he does not get more than 4 athletes by 10/18 he will cancel the trip.

How do I sign up for the Buck Trip ?
1. Send an Email confirming your participation to Speedy @ Including your age, full name, address, cell # and email address, before 10/18/17.

2. Then bring both your $15. trip donation with you on departure day the morning of the 21st at HH 10:30am payable to HH Race Team.

3. Transportation:
Speedy can drive up 4 athletes, after we reach 4 athletes confirmed participation. Speedy will need transport/chaperone support from parents of those coming up to ski with us. All parents of those going can contact Speedy @ 971-207-9502 by text or phone before 10/18/17 to see if he needs any parent driver/chaperones.

Read below for more details this great trip to ski at Buck !!

1. Official recommended Hotel Hampton Inn located in Burnsville MN. 5 min from Buck Hill Phone # is 952-435-6366.

2. The 4 athletes traveling on their own with Speedy will have a $120. trip fee, that will cover their share of fuel cost, Hotel cost, and their share of the coach Speedy's lodging/ meal expenses. ( Speedy and 4 athletes with him will stay at the Hampton Inn in Burnsville 5 mi form Buck Hill. )

3. Any athletes traveling up on their own or with their parents will have a $50. trip fee donation charge to cover their share of fuel & coaching expenses.

4. ALL athletes participating will be responsible for all their own food, snacks, lift fee's, and incidental expenses.

5. ALL athletes participating will be responsible to pay their own lift fee's of $18.00 that can be paid directly to Buck Hill using cc or cash at the Buck Hill ticket window on Sunday before skiing.

6. All athletes participating must be signed up for the Race Team. You can sign up online HERE

7. Speedy recommends you bring your training skis, but that you have them razor sharp !! Because skiing on plastic is much like skiing on hard icy conditions.

8. Bring helmet, appropriate outdoor gear, for fall / summer on snow training wear, & dry land clothing as we may do some dry land conditioning on Sunday morning before ski at Buck Hill.

Hope to see you all on the 1st annual HHRT ski trip to Buck Hill !!

HHRT Program Director

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 CANCELLED- dry-land - re-scheduled with tuning clinic on 10/28/17
10:30 AM10:30

CANCELLED- dry-land - re-scheduled with tuning clinic on 10/28/17

The weather report for Saturday does not look promising, its calling for rain all day. So rather than wait till the last minute to cancel the session I'm doing it tonight. Unfortunately I did not get enough folks to respond regarding their attendence to my alternate tuning / athlete meeting this morning at 11am. 

Therefore I'm rescheduling it for Saturday 10/28/17 after our dry land training session. Here is the schedule for the 28th below.

10:30-11:30 dry land session 

12 noon-12:30 Tuning clinic / Team meeting on forthcoming camps, visions for next season. 

Please rsvp to me by text OR email by 10/25/17 if you would attend this tuning / athlete meeting session on 10/28 after dry land training to my email ASAP. thank you !

Hope to see you all tomorrow at HH  !!


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HH WJR Race (GS)
8:00 AM08:00

HH WJR Race (GS)

Race Event: GS

Recommended for: All Athletes

Cost: Included in your regular HHRT dues

Coaches will be present at this event.

We will need your help to make this event a success. We have a variety of on snow and off snow volunteer opportunities for our parents to sign up for.

Event Paperwork:

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