HHRT Annual Awards Banquet April 22nd
5:00 PM17:00

HHRT Annual Awards Banquet April 22nd

Announcing the Annual HHRT Award banquet on April 22nd 2018 !

  • The HHRT Annual Awards banquet will begin at 5pm at the Scenic View Golf Course in Slinger WI 53086 on April 22nd !
  • Cost $15.00 per person 

Hope to see everyone at the Annual 2018 HHRT Awards banquet in Slinger on April 22nd !

For any questions regarding the banquet please contact Speedy at speedysemail@gmail.com or text him at 971-207-9502


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USSA Skills Quest Skills & Thrills weekend End of Season event
to Apr 8

USSA Skills Quest Skills & Thrills weekend End of Season event

Central division season finale at Granite Peak Skills quest event April 7th and 8th!!

  • Great way to end your season getting back to your basic fundamental skill set by attending the Central Division Skills & Thrills Skills Quest event !!
  • Geared for the younger U16 & under down to U10's !!
  • This event and time on snow will be well spent in sharpening your skill set for next year !!
  • This will be a fun filled weekend Skills Quest driven event combined with Dual Panel SL Sunday April 8th !! 
  • Snow conditions and surface offer perfect spring conditions too !!
  • I'm currently working on a plan that will be economically efficient and work with everyones busy spring schedule. 
  • My plan and schedule is recommending everyone drives up early Sunday morning, and we meet up at Granite Peak at the Granite Peak base lodge at 8:15am. To take part in the Skills Quest on snow session followed by a Dual Panel SL fun filled race event and all return home after the Dual Panel SL race !  
  • Granite Peak Skills Quest & Dual Panel SL USSA event Sunday April 8th, 2018 info below:
  • Sign up at the button below it will take you to the Central Division projects and camps page.
  • Once signed up email Speedy @ speedysemail@gmail.com to let him know your going to be at the Granite Peak event Sunday, NO LATER THAN April 4th !! You can also text Speedy @ 971-207-9502 to let him know, that your going to the Granite Peak event !
  • If anyone driving up early Sunday morning can take Speedy with them please let him know by text @ 971-207-9502 or email @ speedysemail@gmail.com
  •  The get information button below, will get you to the region2ussa page. Scroll down till you get to Granite Peak skills quest & Thrills event April 7th-8th. There you will find all forms, registration fact sheet form and release forms to register and complete.
  • Go to the Sign up here button below the Get information button to sign up at myussa.org 
  • All registrations due by April 6th 2018
  • All release forms due by April 5th 2018 
  • ANY QUESTIONS Contact Speedy @ speedysemail@gmail.com or text @ 971-207-9502
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