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Saturday, September 28th: Work Day #1 (projects to include: splitting, hauling and stacking wood, paint/staining and weed wacking on the hill)

Saturday, October 12th: Work Day #2 (projects to include: set up for the Blow Out on Sunday, clean chalet, clean windows, clean gutters and additional wood splitting if necessary)

Sunday, October 13th: Fall Blow Out

Call 262-628-1939 or click here for current snow report

2018-2019 RELEASE WAIVER - PLEase print, fill out and bring to the hill!

Who has to complete the the waiver?

  • All members (including kids) must sign a waiver (once a season)

  • All guests must sign a waiver (each time they visit HH)

  • All HHRT and HS Racing athletes must sign a waiver (once a season)

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