snow report

Call 262-628-1939 for current snow report

Current Trail Conditions:

North Run: OPEN

South Run: OPEN

Bunny Hill: OPEN

Double Trouble: CLOSED (making snow)!

The Plunge: CLOSED (making snow)!

Nordic Trails: CLOSED (click here for more info)

hours of operation

Monday: 6-8pm for HS race practice (members are welcome)

Tuesday: 6-9pm

Wednesday: 6-9pm

Thursday: Closed

Friday: 7-10pm

Saturday: 10am-4pm

Sunday: 9am-4pm + 4:45-7:00pm for HS Race Practice (members are welcome)

Note: we will groom everyday prior to opening!

2018-2019 RELEASE WAIVER - please print, fill out and bring to the hill!

Who has to complete the the waiver?

  • All members (including the kiddos) must sign a waiver (once a season)

  • All guests must sign a waiver (each time they visit HH)

  • All HHRT and HS Racing athletes must sign a waiver (once a season)

Guest Fee Information

  1. Guest Fees

    • $25: Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays

    • $20: Evenings and Wednesday Afternoons

  2. Guest Regulations

    • Guests must wear guest passes at all times.

    • Non-members may be guests only twice a season, except for parties.

    • Guest and sponsor must sign release form

  3. All transactions are to be recorded on CHITS. (Guest fees, sales of arm bands, etc.)

A few notes about snowmaking at hh:

  • Snowmaking temperatures must be at 23°F or below for period of at least 8 hours for a productive, effective & worthwhile session.

  • Preferred hours are nights & weekends to avoid high electricity costs.

  • Other factors we consider include wind speed & direction and humidity.

  • Our HH Snowmaking Team works hard to make as much snow as possible to get all terrain open as early as possible in the season!