Our Foundation's History

In the fall of 2014 Heiliger Huegel established a 501c3 non-profit (Heiliger Huegel Foundation for Outdoor Education, Inc.) to provide outdoor experiences for youth and the disadvantaged/disabled.  As you know we have more than 80 acres of beautiful glacier-built terrain with wonderful views, and more than 20 acres of woods with walkways to explore.  And, while our Hill is well utilized in the winter months, it lies dormant the balance of the year.

The impetus for establishing the Foundation is to give back to our Communities, and to share our wonderful grounds throughout the year, primarily with youth groups and the disabled.  We have a membership base that loves the Hill and what it has meant for their families and are confident that we can all rally around this mission. 

The Foundation has as its leadership a Board comprised of Paul Raab, (President), Chip Kubly (Past HH President), Kurt Mihelich (Treasurer), Kathy Sullivan and Tom Doerr.  We have no paid staff.  Our goals are to thoughtfully build and support Foundation activities over time, working closely with Hill management, the Holy Hill Board, and the Race Committee.  If you have interest in supporting this mission we would love to broaden our team and accept donations to further our programs.